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Are you planning to move out from your place? Planning to start a very own studio? Or just in dilemma where to safely store for the meantime your piano? If you ever fall in one of those questions then we can serve you. YES! Piano Mover Klang Valley even offers piano storage. This service aims to help all piano owners in finding a very good location and warehouse where to keep their valuable in such period of time.

Piano unlike other items, they are prone to many and susceptible to damage if stored incorrectly. Moisture and excessive explosion to dust might damage their sound capabilities. Thus, we offer state of the art warehouse which is located in a very safe compound owned by the company itself. The storage warehouse were operated by Piano Transport Malaysia for years already and were manned and guarded by highly trained security guards, scanned and monitored by latest technology equipments and were built to last and protect sensitive equipments in store. To storage temperature were set in a very specific temperature value to keep the piano in its best condition.

Piano storage is another achievement that the company has reached for years in service. Many clients find this service a demand especially to those who were really enthusiast and can’t contain to feel anxious about the safety of their piano. They find this the best solution to their current problems.

If you ever need a temporary storage house for your grandiose musical instrument we got it all for you. The price may seem expensive at first but we can cut a deal that will suit your budget. Talk to us and we can give you the finest details and price package that will fit our budget.